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Vegan Green Pea Soup with Garlic Sippets

What could be simpler than a soup recipe that includes only a couple of ingredients? Today we’reRead More

Vegan Spring Soup

A very easy and quick vegan spring soup recipe.   Ingredients: – 300 gr. broccoli;Read More

Vegan Green Soup with Green Lentils

An easy and tasty vegan lentils soup recipe.   Ingredients: – 1 cup of green lentils;Read More

Vegan Pea Soup

Here’s one more easy protein soup recipe that I made from just 2 ingredients and someRead More

Vegan Vermicelli Soup

Quick and easy soup that will warm you during these cold and nasty days. TheRead More

Vegan Red Bean Soup

Another delicious and nutritious protein soup recipe. Red bean is so useful so that you can naturally gorgeRead More