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Creamy Nutty Sauce

This vegan nutty sauce recipe is a perfect accompaniment for dishes like sushi, chuka-salad, vegan “friedRead More

Spicy Vegan Cheese Sauce

Spicy cheese sauce is a great dish that combines both cheese and sauce and infusesRead More

Salsa Dip

A great recipe for hot sauces lovers! Ingredients: – 3 large tomatoes; – 2 tspRead More

Vegan Basil Cheese Sauce

Another variation of cheese sauce. The main ingredient in this recipe is food yeast. NecessaryRead More

Vegan Peanut Sauce

Do you like peanuts? Do you want to bring the peanut’s taste into your dishes?Read More

Vegan Tartare Sauce

Today I’ll share with you another adapted recipe. It is the French Tartare sauce. Traditionally,Read More