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Vegan Nautical Pasta

Quick and easy vegan recipe. A bit of history: pasta has been the main dish ofRead More

Stewed Cabbage with Tofu

Stewed cabbage is a really fine meal to cook. It’s tasty, unpretentious and substantial. The only differenceRead More

Vegan Pizza

It is well known that pizza was the food of poor people in Italy. TheRead More

Vegan Lasagna

The backbone of this recipe is a pack of lasagna leaves (you can find itRead More

Stuffed Vegan Cannelloni

The dish belongs to Italian cuisine and is easier than you think to make. We’ll needRead More

Vegan Dumplings with Soy Filling (Russian ‘Pelmeni’)

Today I’ll share with a recipe of dumplings with soy filling, which can be justlyRead More