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Vegan Omelet with Filling

Scrambled tofu will bring the changes into your morning meal. It suits perfectly for breakfast. The main ingredientRead More

Strawberry Yogurt

It is the simplest recipe I ever came across. To realize it you will need:Read More

Puffed Pumpkin Pancakes

Hi there! Here’s one more recipe of puffy pancakes, but with the use of pumpkin thisRead More

Vegan Puffed Pancakes

Vegan puffed pancakes is a very nourishing dish that perfectly suits your breakfast.   You willRead More

Vegan Flour Omelet

It is an easy recipe of vegan omelet. No need of yeast or silk tofu.  Read More

Scrambled Tofu

Tofu “Omelet” or Scrambled Tofu is an excellent breakfast. Apart from its superior gustatory qualities, thisRead More